A few final photos from St. Petersburg

Our trip ended with four days in St. Petersburg. It was nice to plant ourselves down and stay in one place. Plus, I got a chance to sleep-in.

Todd, Temo and I went to a concert by De-Phazz at a place called GlavClub. It was an impressive venue, and the band sounded great. Wikipedia describes De-Phazz as “a downtempo jazz ensemble integrating modern turntablism and elements of soul, Latin, trip hop and drum and bass into a lounge music sound.” That just-about says it all. A fun show, and the crowd was into it!

Check-out a few pics here, which include the giant street celebration for St. Peterburg Day, the Grand Cascade fountains of Peter the Great’s Palace, the De-Phazz concert, and our two final train trips.

Overall I think the trip was a great success! I got to re-visit some old haunts, and see lots of new places, too. All this with plenty of surprises along the way.

My Russian was a little rusty at first, but it came back to me.

I felt like the boys got a good sampling of Ukrainian and Russian food.

The weather cooperated. No one got sick. Nothing got stolen. We boarded all our trains and flights. I stayed within budget.

I think my favorites were Yalta (stunning), St. Petersburg (such a friendly, pretty town) and Donetsk (so great to see things have improved).

Now, I’m back home… and it all feels like a jet-lagged dream…

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~ by Mike Y on June 6, 2012.

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