A visit to Christiania, a self-governing community in Copenhagen

Andy tried the pickled herring… which isn’t really my style. But I did have a smørrebrød, which is a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich; I ordered mine with ham and egg, and it was tasty. I also tried some eel, which Jorn had ordered… it was actually pretty good!

Jorn and Thorbjørn have traveled quite extensively, and it was fun to trade stories and travel suggestions.

Afterward, the boys showed us around town, then gave us a tour of Christiania, which is a self-governing commune within the city limits of Copenhagen. The citizens tended toward hippie-types, but with a smattering of musicians, pot-heads, vegans, gays, artists and such. We took about an hour to wander and explore, checking-out the people, their makeshift art installations, and even sat-in on a rehearsal for a play that was in progress.

We wandered through the “Green Light District,” and past the public bath and shower house, a blacksmith’s shop, several outdoor cafés, and the town hall. Preparations were being made to celebrate Christiania’s upcoming 40th anniversary with a big party and music festival. Here are a few pics.

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~ by Mike Y on September 25, 2011.

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