The mystery adventure begins…


Today I embark on a 2-week journey…


Where will I go? Well a few of you already know. (Kind-of). I thought it might be fun to keep ya guessing!


The trip has 4 main destinations. Here are a few clues:


– I’ve been to one of the destinations before.
– The first destination can be easily reached by a nonstop flight from San Diego.
– Three of the destinations are not in North America.
– I honestly don’t know what the fourth destination is yet.
– 3 days of the trip are work-related. The remaining 1.5 weeks are vacation.
– On this trip I’ll visit old friends, and meet-up with a couple of friends in a far-away place.
– I hope to ride at least four roller coasters that I’ve never been-on before on this trip.


Every few days I’ll post here… if you know some of my destinations, I’ll ask you to keep mum in the comments for now!



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~ by Mike Y on September 11, 2011.

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