Day 2: Adventures at Six Flags Mexico

(I’m catching-up from a few days ago, so please bear with me…)

 So here’s my travel posse: Temo, Dan and Chris. We are having a great time here in Ciudad de México.

For Day 2, we decided to hit Six Flags México. The park originally opened in 1979, and was bought by Six Flags a few years ago. Their collection of rides includes 5 roller coasters; this is Superman: The Ultimate Escape.

It’s the tallest coaster in Mexico, and it was a lot of fun, with a killer first drop, surprising turns and lots of air-time.
The park wasn’t crowded at all. I was able to enter using my Six Flags season pass, and the boys got in for about 260 pesos, or $20 USD. Not a bad deal!
Chris and I braved the freefall tower, shown here, and were treated to an absolutely stunning view of the city at the top. (This city is freakin’ HUGE!)

Other highlights included “Uncle Chueco’s Cabin,” a house built at an extreme angle so as to facilitate some neat illusions (and audience participation), and “Van Helsing Experience: Live,” a walk-through haunted castle. (Expletives left my mouth several times!)
A fun day, for sure!

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~ by Mike Y on September 17, 2009.

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