Video: First Day in Mexico City

So we landed in Mexico City. It was a super-easy and comfortable flight, courtesy of Mexicana Airlines. The nonstop flight went from LAX to Mexico City in about three and a half hours.

Our first destination was the apartment that Chris had hooked-up for us. What an amazing find! Comfy, roomy, an awesome view of the city, WiFi… and best of all, THE perfect location. We’re just a couple blocks away from The Zócalo (formally known as Constitution Plaza), and right in the middle of everything.

Our timing is perfect… just in time for the big Independence Day celebration, which shares the same date as Chris’ birthday. Even though we arrived a few days prior to Independence Day, the people are absolutely abuzz and ready to celebrate. Lots of flags, souvenirs and light displays everywhere. Such a neat vibe.

Apparently New Year’s Eve isn’t such a big deal here. In a way, Independence Day is their equivalent, as far as big public celebrations go. I expect to see people packed like sardines (a la Times Square) at The Zócalo on Tuesday night. At 11pm on Tuesday, Mexico’s president will appear on a balcony above The Zócalo to honor the event. From Wikipedia:

Since the late 19th century, Hidalgo y Costilla’s “cry of independence” has become emblematic of Mexican independence. Each year on the night of September 15, the President of Mexico re-enacts the event by ringing the bells of the National Palace in Mexico City. He repeats a cry of patriotism based upon the “Grito de Dolores” from the balcony of the palace to the assembled crowd. This event draws up to half-million spectators.

Check-out the video to see what The Zócalo looks like a few days ahead of the big event.

And so my visit to Mexico begins… yay!

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~ by Mike Y on September 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Video: First Day in Mexico City”

  1. I have been loving joining you virtually in your travels, but con not load the video of Mexico City..

  2. Oh dear! OK! I’ve now fixed the video.

    Or you can click here:

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