Video: Me at Germany’s largest theme park

For my last day in Germany, I decided to check-out Europa Park. With 7 or 8 roller-coasters and lots of quirky dark rides, it didn’t disappoint.

The park is divided into themed areas, representing countries in Europe, including Germany, Russia, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland and more. Perhaps for good measure, there’s also a kids’ land, an adventure land, and a (!) chocolate land.

For my first ride, I hit the “Euro-Mir” coaster. What a wacky ride! It starts-off in a darkened silo, with a rather trippy lift system: a giant cylinder rotates in the silo, with the track spiralling upwards around it. Your train latches onto this giant cylinder, which pushes you progressively higher and higher. It’s a long lift hill, punctuated by a few lighting effects and techno music. After the long haul upward, you emerge into the light of day. The first few maneuvers are slow and spinny orbits around the outside of several silver-mirrored towers. At certain points the cars are allowed to spin individually, and at other times they are locked into forward or backward position. Really weird.

The two most enjoyable coasters were Silver Star (a giant steelie with lots of airtime) and Blue Fire, which added a component I’ve never seen before: a live display of your own pulse on your handlebar! Pretty nifty!

There was a neat laser show, which was displayed in a rotating theater (a la Carousel of Progress and America Sings.)

Check-out the video for more.

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~ by Mike Y on September 10, 2009.

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