On the “Colorado Adventure” roller coaster with Thomas from Cologne

I had the opportunity to visit a theme park called “Phantasialand,” located
just outside of Cologne in Germany. As good fortune would have it, Thomas
(aka itchwoot) was able to join me!
We had a very fun, and very full day. The park had 4 coasters, and we rode
all of them… plus every dark ride (there were many… and there were some
weird ones!)
Of particular note was “Black Mamba,” which is an inverted roller coaster;
the track is overhead, and your feet dangle beneath the seat. The ride
twisted and turned through a very tightly-landscaped jungle, complete with
waterfalls, pits and secret tunnels. I must say it had some crazy-impressive
moments where you thought your feet might actually smack into the ground!
Sooooooo good!
Also of note was the “Colorado Adventure” coaster, which is something of a
clone of Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain. While the theming wasn’t
perfect, I dare say the ride itself was (gasp) even better than Thunder
Mountain! Lots of little surprises and highly-banked turns.
I’ve been to 3 or 4 theme parks in Europe so far, and it’s really
interesting to see how often Disneyland is imitated. In one dark ride at
Phantasialand, there were scenes practically copied from Pirates of the
Caribbean; in another ride, effects were duplicated from Disney’s Haunted
This park was a really interesting mix of incredible and wonderful theming
(“Talocan,” “Mystery Castle,” “Winja’s Fear and Force”), weird stuff (“Ghost
Rickshaw,” “Hollywood Tour”) and really cruddy theming (“Temple of the Night
Hawk,” “1001 Arabian Nights.”) An eclectic mix for sure.
Many thanks to Thomas… he and his partner Ingo (such a handsome couple!)
were very warm, took me to a fabulous Mongolian BBQ place in Cologne
(“Mongo’s”), and showed me parts of the city. Thomas also scored us a
2-for-1 coupon for Phantasialand, and was super-fun to hang-out with at the
I will actually squeeze one more theme park in before I go… the legendary
“Europa Park.” But first, a train ride…

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~ by Mike Y on September 7, 2009.

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