At a beer garden with David; and why Munich is my favorite town

David is from Austin, Texas, but is living in Munich right now for a work
assignment. He has *really* gone above-and-beyond to make me feel welcome
here, and to show me around Munich. On Sunday afternoon we rented bicycles
and headed to a local beer garden out in a park by the river, complete with
a live “ooom-pa-pa” band. It was a gorgeous day, too! After that we
kicked-back on on the banks of the river, along with lots of fellow
sun-worshippers. A perfect day.
Later that night, David invited me over for dinner at his friends’ place;
their names are Pascal and Ralf. Pascal is from Belgium, and is quite the
good cook. Ralf is a computer geek like me. So the four of us had a lovely dinner,
talking geek all the while, then playing Nintendo Wii. (I did pretty good at
Boom Blox Bash Party, but got my butt kicked at Super Mario Kart!)
Tonight I’ll meet David and his friend Franz at a local watering-hole called
Edelheiss. (That’s a play on words… “Edelweiss,” and “heiss.”) Looking
forward to knocking-down a beer or three.
By the way, I learned that a “Radler” is a beer with *Sprite*, not a beer
lemonade. D’oh!
I gotta say that Munich is my favorite German city so far. It’s such a
pretty town… big, but not *too* big. Lots of tradition and history, but
still modern; it feels friendly, with a tight community vibe.
The weather has really been cooperating with me for my whole trip so far,
yay! And my allergies and sleep continue to get a little better.
Tonight I had a telephone interview for a job back in San Diego. The
position is a good match, wish me luck.
That’s it for now!

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~ by Mike Y on September 1, 2009.

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