With Raphael at the Pestalozzi Street Festival in Munich

I met Raphael at Disneyland last year, as he was visiting my friend Uwe in San Diego. I was delighted when I learned that our schedules would permit us to hang-out for an evening in Munich! (He lives about 30 minutes outside of town.)
We met for dinner and drinks, and then went to check-out the nearby street fair on Pestalozzistrasse. Mmmm, more beer! Later, Raphael introduced me to his new partner David, who is just awesome. We had a lovely evening. They’ll both be coming to visit San Diego in a few weeks, so it’ll be nice to see them again.
My hotel in Munich is a bit far from everything. Fortunately it was dirt-cheap, and located close to a subway station, so I think I can deal. (Besides, I had real nice hotels in Hamburg and Amsterdam, so it balances out. By the way: thanks, Hotwire!)
Believe it or not, I’ve made time to hunt for work back in the States, mostly through online job postings but also via a few phone calls. I’ve got a few promising leads, which I’ll be pursuing aggressively. Wish me luck.
It’s hard to believe my trip is more than half-over.
Ok, it’s late and my eyes are glazing-over so I’ll wrap-up for now.

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~ by Mike Y on August 31, 2009.

One Response to “With Raphael at the Pestalozzi Street Festival in Munich”

  1. Yay! Can’t wait to see Raphael again! I’m sure you guys had fun. I saw those bike things in Paris. Pretty COOL! I wish they did that here. On a related note, I saw some zipcars in Atlanta this weekend. Woo hoo!

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