Video: Bicycling around Lübeck, plus a gratuitous shot of my butt

I shot this video with my camera a few days ago. I took a 30-minute train
ride from Hamburg to Lübeck, and rented a bike for the day.
Watch the video on posterous
Germany is a lot more bicycle-friendly than the United States. In the larger
cities, the public transportation company (“Deutsche Bahn”) offers a
high-tech solution for self-service bicycle rentals. They have several
thousand bikes located in about a dozen cities. Each has an ID number, a
little control panel, and an automatic lock. In some cities, the bikes might
be located just about anywhere; in other cities you’ll find them at the main
train station. In either case, you just call a central phone number and
provide the bike’s ID number; they respond with an access code that unlocks
the bike. You can keep using the bike as long as you want. When you’re done,
you lock the bike and call the central number again, providing a code from
the bike’s control panel. They bill your credit card directly at about 8
European cents per minute, with a maximum charge of 9 Euro (about $13) per
day. Such a deal! So that’s what I did… and I’ve used the service several
times since then. Way handy.
More soon.

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~ by Mike Y on August 31, 2009.

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