Stumbled upon a free public rock concert in Hamburg

I love little surprises like this. As I was walking around Hamburg, I heard some loud music echoing down the street. I walked toward the sound, and discovered a big, free public rock concert going-on at the Town Hall square.
I only stayed for about 20 minutes, and I hadn’t heard of the band that was playing, but they were actually pretty good, and the vibe was great. Lots of people were out, drinking beer and having fun with their friends.
I headed down to Willi’s Bar, as I understood it might be a bear night there. Sure enough it was. I ordered a beer with lemonade, as is popular here in summer, and hung-out for awhile. A few guys introduced themselves; they were very polite and friendly, and eager to answer my questions about Hamburg.
After that I went back to the hotel, with a pit-stop at the pharmacy. With the help of a very friendly pharmacist (and the Internet), we figured-out which medicine I was looking for (Sudafed Sinus, aka Mucinex, aka guaifenesin), which was sold here as a syrup made by Vicks. So I downed that, along with the Zyrtec I’d brought from home. My allergies are still acting-up, and I needed something!
It seems like it was easier to find English-speakers and signage in Berlin, than in Hamburg. Still, there are lots of people that do speak English here.
I put my head down on the pillow at the hotel and zonked-out immediately… Happy Friday to all!

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~ by Mike Y on August 22, 2009.

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  1. Hey if you need pharmaceutical help again just message me. I have access to databases of all different countries meds and can tell you what would be equivalent.

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